Llama has a new home


​After waiting for over a year, I finally got a hangar at San Jose International Airport (KSJC). Moved my airplane there on return from the Grand Canyon trip.

San Jose is much closer from my homethan San Martin (12 km vs. 60 km) so the commute time to the airplane should be much less. GA West, as it is called, is actually closer to Mountain View, than the “secure” airline terminal side (which is on the east side of the airport).

Since it is a “big” international airport, the challenge is to obtain all kinds of authorizations and badges to get in and out of the field. I have just completed a security awareness course (and test!). The airport also requires a background check. No fingerprinting, although I half expected I would need to provide all kinds of biometric data to get proper access. The test was quite ridiculous, questions asked were of “how do you recognize a terrorist?” or “what is tailgating?” nature. 

I should have a badge next week. Actually looking forward to populating the hangar a bit with tools so that I could start tinkering with the plane. So many things to do, so little time.


A view of SJC from my hangar.

A view of SJC from my hangar.

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